A quarterly survey of more than 100 economists shows growing optimism for the real estate market when it comes to housing prices. The majority of the economists surveyed say they expect home prices to steadily increase for the next four years. 

The economists surveyed expect home prices to rise 2.3 percent this year over the fourth-quarter of 2011, according to the survey conducted on behalf of Zillow. In 2013, they expect prices to rise 4.7 percent; 8 percent in 2014; 11.4 percent in 2015; and 15.2 percent in 2016. 

"This is further evidence that we're seeing a true recovery in the housing market," says Stan Humphries, Zillow's chief economist. "Not since mid-2010—in the midst of the homebuyer tax credits—have we seen this group so bullish on housing. It's refreshing to see this optimism at a time when the market seems to be making an organic recovery, in the absence of an artificial stimulant like the tax credits."