A.  Multiple offers are a good thing.  Still you can make a mistake if you don’t look at more than just the sales price being offered.  Carefully weigh each buyer’s offer by considering these factors:

  •   Is the buyer pre-approved?  Never take your home off the market without knowing that the buyer is able to purchase your home.
  •   When do they want possession?  When the buyer’s timing fits your preferences, it can make their offer more appealing.
  •   What repairs does the buyer expect before closing?  Even if you are willing to make repairs, think about the time it will take before you accept.
  •   What items does the buyer expect to remain in the house?  Buyers may request to keep appliances or wall-mounted televisions.  Factor the cost of replacing these in your next home into the offer before accepting.

It is important to know all the facts before you respond to any offers.  Ask for my Free Consumer Report called “How to Avoid 7 Costly Mistakes When Selling Your Home” to be informed and net more from your home sale.

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