A.  When sellers or their real estate agent overlook any of the important ingredients of a successful sale, a home can linger on the market.  Here are three reasons why a home doesn’t sell quickly:

1.  Asking price is too high.  When a home first comes on the market, the list price must be at or near the market value so buyers see it as a good value and put in an offer.  If you would like to know your home’s current value, I will gladly conduct a Maximum Home Value Audit.  I conduct this in-depth analysis for no charge to identify your home’s highest possible value.

2.  Poor marketing plan.  Most real estate agents will do nothing more than put the house in the MLS.  When I am hired to sell a home, I use a 28 Step Home Marketing Plan to reach more potential buyers in the first few weeks after a home is listed for sale.

3.  Home is not staged properly.  A buyer wants to buy a home they can imagine living in with their family.  If the house is not staged or it’s done incorrectly, buyers may lose interest and move on to other homes.  Get the facts on how to stage your properly by requesting my Free Consumer Guide “4-Steps To Stage Your Home For A Fast Sale.”

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